Can neighbourhood guards block roads in Malaysia?

2 months ago Denise C.

It is not illegal but it is pretty technical.


Strata title vs individual title - how does it affect Malaysian landowners?

3 months ago Denise C.

Land law is pretty wide but here's some basics.

Consumer Property

Have you ever bought a house in Malaysia and had no idea what you signed?

4 months ago Denise C.

So many documents but what in the world do they do?


If tenants don't pay rent, what can Malaysian landlords do?

4 months ago marcuslml

Do you send a bullet or splash some red paint?

General Property

If your tenant doesn't pay the electric bill after renting, what can you do?

6 months ago Denise C.

You definitely don't want to be paying for something you didn't use.

Civil Family General Property

Are Malaysian "family trusts" only for rich people?

6 months ago JS Lim

In fact, we use them everyday. Sort of.


Apartmen di Malaysia – Tanggungjawab siapa kalau terdapat kerosakan atau kecacatan?

6 months ago Khaliq

Artikel ini juga boleh dipakai untuk pembangunan kondominium, pangsapuri, taman perumahan dengan sekuriti dan mana-mana sahaja hakmilik strata.