Intellectual Property

How effective are Malaysian anti-piracy laws? We asked a local game company

3 months ago JS Lim

There might be bigger problems than just piracy.

General Intellectual Property

Can the MCMC legally block websites in malaysia?

7 months ago JS Lim

Can the authorities turn off the Valves on the internet? ;)

Intellectual Property

Here's how Malaysian trademark law protects YOU from getting conned

8 months ago SiewAnne

Some companies are very defensive over their logos, but there's a good reason for that...

Intellectual Property

If my art or music gets stolen, can Malaysian copyright law protect me?

9 months ago JS Lim

If your work has been stolen in the past, learn how you can protect your work in future!

Intellectual Property

Ed Sheeran: The Odds Of Losing USD20 Million Lawsuit

almost 2 years ago fadzel

Ed Sheeren is not the first and neither will he be the last artist to face copyright lawsuits over songs.