5 sources of income that are tax free in Malaysia

by JS Lim 15 days ago

General Industrial

5 common Malaysian tax offences you don’t want to accidentally commit

19 days ago JS Lim

Should you file your taxes even if you're not paying?

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If your boss refuses to pay you in Malaysia, what can you do?

5 months ago chiahoong lim

Good news is, you won't have to camp outside his office

Industrial Employment

Is it legal for my boss to make me work on a Malaysian public holiday?

6 months ago Denise C.

Do I get double pay or triple pay or an extra day off?

Industrial Employment

My boss just fired me for no reason, what can I do now?

7 months ago Denise C.

This article also applies if you were forced to resign.


Dasar Penyediaan Sokongan Asas (PSA) Bagi Pekerja Migran Dalam RMK-11

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Malaysia merupakan salah satu negara destinasi utama bagi pekerja migran di rantau ASEAN.


I’m an Employee, Not a Slave. I Know My Rights!

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Do you know about the Employment Act?


Is Retrenchment Fund The Best Possible Solution?

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Laws should be amended so that errant bosses can't hide behind them


When Employees Leave: Non-compete and non-solicitation clauses in employment contracts

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Both employers and employees should take the effort to be aware of their obligations to one another even after the employment has ceased.


I'm Not an “Employee”, But I Still Have Rights!

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What you can rely on if you are not covered by the Employment Act 1955? Find out here!