Is it legal for Malaysian shops to charge you extra for paying by card?

about 2 months ago JS Lim

For credit cards, the surcharge can be from 1-3%


5 rights you didn’t know you had as an airline passenger in Malaysia

3 months ago JS Lim

Your baggage might be lost, but hope is not!


Can you sue for a misleading advertisement in Malaysia?

3 months ago chiahoong lim

Expecting the... unexpected in products

Consumer Property

Have you ever bought a house in Malaysia and had no idea what you signed?

4 months ago Denise C.

So many documents but what in the world do they do?

Consumer General

If you get overcharged for nasi campur, can you refuse to pay?

4 months ago JS Lim

It's apparently illegal for them to not show their prices


6 ways to avoid scams when trading online in Malaysia

4 months ago Denise C.

How do you protect yourself when scams are multiplying faster than rabbits?