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Adakah penyembur lada (pepper spray) sah dari segi undang-undang?

12 days ago AzwanFaiz

Untuk perlindungan diri sahaja, so boleh kan?

General Industrial

5 sources of income that are tax free in Malaysia

15 days ago JS Lim

Even scholarships are considered income.


Where do the Syariah courts in Malaysia get their LEGAL power from?

17 days ago Denise C.

Syariah courts are technically not set up by our Constitution

Criminal General

In Malaysia, "insanity" is not the best excuse for a crime. Here's why.

18 days ago chiahoong lim

Proving insanity is not as simple as just saying you're insane

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5 common Malaysian tax offences you don’t want to accidentally commit

19 days ago JS Lim

Should you file your taxes even if you're not paying?


If your dog bites a robber in Malaysia, can you get sued or taken to jail?

22 days ago KimberlyW.

If your dog bites a robber, can the law bite you back?


5 rights you didn’t know you had as an airline passenger in Malaysia

23 days ago JS Lim

Your baggage might be lost, but hope is not!


Strata title vs individual title - how does it affect Malaysian landowners?

24 days ago Denise C.

Land law is pretty wide but here's some basics.