Can judges get sued if they make a mistake in Malaysia?

4 days ago Denise C.

Judges are humans too after all.


Kadang kala, polis menahan orang yang melindungi diri dari perompak...kenapa?

5 days ago adlykiddy

Kalau kena tahan sebab mempertahankan diri, apa guna undang-undang pertahanan diri?


Can neighbourhood guards block roads in Malaysia?

5 days ago Denise C.

It is not illegal but it is pretty technical.


Some Malaysians book parking spaces by standing in them. But is it legal?

7 days ago JS Lim

The kids and significant others usually end up being the human traffic cone


What can the Kad OKU be used for... and how do you get one?

8 days ago sookning

We tend to think of OKU as physical disabilities, but they cover mental disability as well


Is child labour illegal in Malaysia? You might be surprised.

9 days ago parikiah

Children are allowed to work in limited situations.


What’s the difference between murder and manslaughter in Malaysia?

10 days ago JS Lim

There's no manslaughter without laughter!


If I get into a car accident, can I go to the nearest Balai Polis instead of stopping?

11 days ago JS Lim

Will you get reported as a hit-and-run even if you go make a report as well?