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If you get injured AFTER agreeing to terms and conditions in Malaysia, can you sue?

about 7 hours ago Denise C.

You may sign it but can they use it?


If tenants don't pay rent, what can Malaysian landlords do?

1 day ago marcuslml

Do you send a bullet or splash some red paint?


Malaysians can now hire maids ONLINE. Here's how.

2 days ago chiahoong lim

Bypass the agencies, you can do it yourself now!

Consumer Criminal

This genius marketing idea might be illegal in Malaysia.

5 days ago JS Lim

Looks, feels, and sounds like a saman. But isn't a saman!


How do bankruptcy proceedings work in Malaysia?

6 days ago Denise C.

A child can technically be declared bankrupt as well.

Criminal General

Is it a crime to watch porn online in Malaysia?

7 days ago chiahoong lim

The world has moved on from VHSs and VCDs


If you commit a crime in Malaysia, how can you get the judge go easy on you?

8 days ago JS Lim

They'll even consider your age, marital status, and income.


The untold story of the "bin Abdullah" children in Malaysia

9 days ago Denise C.

It affects more than a simple name on the child's IC.


If you want to sue someone in Malaysia, what happens if they ignore you?

12 days ago Denise C.

Is it like the movies where someone asks who you are and hands you papers?